Involved Digest: Senate Cover-Up, Gantanamo, McDonald’s Marketing…

Take action!

Corporate Accountability International: LivingSocial Must Stop Mixing Assault Weapons & Alcohol!

Avaaz: Tell Obama Guantanamo Ends Now!

Sierra Club Canada: Save the Bees, Please!

World Society for the Protection of Animals: Make Canada a Better Place For Farm Animals by Helping WSPA Meet With MPs!

Corporate Accountability International: Tell McDonald’s CEO to Stop Marketing to Kids!

Clean Clothes Campaign: No More Broken Promises! Demand Compensation For Fire & Collapse Survivors!

League of Conservation Voters: Tell President Obama To Stop Delaying and Cut Global Warming Pollution Now!

Leadnow: Stop the Senate Cover-Up!

Oxfam Canada: Tell Government to Keep Aid Focused on Poverty & Rights, Not Corporations!

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network: Stop Seed Regulation Changes!


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