Involved Digest: Frankenseeds, Boycott, Disposable Jobs & More

Take action!

Avaaz: Stop the Monsanto Frankenseed Factory in Argentina!

NDP Canada: A Better Way to Save for Retirement—Petition to Increase the CPP/QPP!

Institute of Science in Society: Open Letter on Seralini GM Study Retraction & Pledge to Boycott Elsevier!

Ontario Nature: Speak Up for the Highly Endangered American Eel!

SumOfUs: Call on Canada Post to Reverse Its New Policy & Conduct a Full Investigation Into the CEO’s Conflict of Interest!

IUF/UITA/IUL: Tell Kellogg’s to Stop Forcing the Expansion of Disposable Jobs!

SumOfUs: Tell Zara to Stop Production of Cruel Angora Products Immediately!

Avaaz: Call on India to Overturn the Court Ruling Criminalising Gay Sex!


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