Informed Digest: Labour, Renewable Energy, Fluoride Science & More

Keeping up & in the know…

Collective Evolution: Urine Powered Generator—6 Hours Of Power On 1 Litre Of Pee

New York Times: U.S. Flouts Its Own Advice in Procuring Overseas Clothing

Fluoride Action Network: “Fluoride Science is Tobacco Science”—How Science Director Chris Neurath Ended Up Fighting Fluoridation

Sierra Club: Canadians Deserve Better Than to be Told to Shut Up & Be Quiet About the Radioactive Road Trip!

Fluoride Action Network: Top 10 Ways to Reduce Fluoride Exposure

National Farmers Union: New Ag Bill Throttles Farmers, Threatens Seed Sovereignty

Natural News: Toxic Warning—Fruit & Vegetable Stickers Deadly!


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