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Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Massive Secret Surveillance in Canada—Canadian Government Spies on Brazil — and Its Own Citizens Gmail Promises “No Reasonable Expectation” of Privacy—Google Admits that Third-Party Email Users Should Not Be Surprised that Company Processes Communication

Music • Technology • Policy: Does Gmail Force a Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege?

CCPA: When Most Votes Don’t Count—Lack of Democracy is at the Root of Canada’s Worst Problems

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Corporate Power, Government Subservience

Huffington Post: Why Harper Hates Evidence-Based Data

openDemocracy: South Korean Rail Workers’ Repression & Resistance

EcoWatch: Exxon to Face Criminal Charges for 50,000+ Gallon Fracking Wastewater Spill

Hands Free Mama: The Important Thing About Yelling

Globe & Mail: The Hidden History of Bob Rae’s Government in Ontario


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