Involved Digest: Big Telecom, Big Oil, Voter Rights, Terminator Seeds…

Take action! Tell Minister Moore to Rein in Big Telecom! Stand with Neil Young & Tell First Nations We Believe Them, Not Big Oil CEO’s!

Fair Vote Canada: Visit Your MP About Proportional Representation!

LabourStart: Tell Colombia to End Violence & Persecution of Trade Unionists!

Avaaz: Send Snowden Home!

David Suzuki Foundation: Pledge To Eat For Healthy Oceans!

IUF/UITA/IUL: Urge Starwood Management to Use Their Influence to Persuade Authorities to Drop the Case Against Fijian Union Leaders!

SumOfUs: Ask Brazil To Keep the Ban on Terminator Seeds!

Fair Vote Canada: Sign the Declaration of Voters’ Rights!


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