Informed Digest: Pipelines, Solar Power, Canadian Politics, Framing Rape…

Keeping up & in the know…

CBC News: The New Ministerial Responsibility: Punish the Underlings

The Tyee: Elizabeth May Questions Legality of Science Library Cullings

Parent Dish: Stay-At-Home Moms Are Worth How Much?

Huffington Post Canada: Should We Reintroduce “Rape”?

Huffington Post: Advertising Standards Canada—No Sanctions For False Government Ads

David Suzuki Foundation: Rail Versus Pipeline Is the Wrong Question

DeSmogBlog: Wall Street Journal Investigation Reveals High-Tech Oil Pipeline Monitors Catch Less Than 20 Percent Of Leaks

Off Grid Quest: Peru To Provide Free Solar Power To 2 Million Of Its Poorest Residents By 2016

The Ecologist: Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

EcoWatch: Court Denies Offshore Oil Drilling Lease Sale in Arctic


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