Informed Digest: TED on Good Danger & Stress, Powerful Words & More

Keeping up & in the know…

TED: Gever Tulley — 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

TED: Kelly McGonigal — How to Make Stress Your Friend

TED: Ramsey Musallam — 3 Rules to Spark Learning

TED: Pamela Meyer — How to Spot a Liar

TED: Wade Davis — Dreams from Endangered Cultures

TED: Erin McKean — The Joy of Lexicography

TED: Luis von Ahn — Massive-Scale Online Collaboration

TED: Mark Pagel — How Language Transformed Humanity

TED: John McWhorter — Txtng Is Killing Language. Jk!!!

TED: Patricia Ryan — Don’t Insist on English!

TED: Terry Moore — Why is “X” the Unknown?


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