Informed Digest: Pricy Jets, Secret TISA, #GotMilkweed, Income Splitting & More

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Motherboard: How a Marijuana Study Can Poke Holes in Your Brain

“MRIs and studies like this don’t cause bad science reporting; misleading sources cause bad stories. And correlation not equaling causation is a cardinal rule of science—one that was missed here—but so is bad data in, bad data out.” -Jason Koebler

Native News Online: Goodbye to Columbus — Minneapolis City Council Votes to Recognize Indigenous People’s Day Instead

“Columbus was the beginning of the American holocaust, ethnic cleansing characterized by murder, torture, raping, pillaging, robbery, slavery, kidnapping, and forced removals of Indian people from their homelands.” -American Indian Movement

Globe & Mail: F-35 Costs at Least $10-Billion Higher than Ottawa Estimates, Expert Says

“Under the worst-case scenario, a report by University of British Columbia academic Michael Byers predicts, the full lifetime bill for F-35 Lightning jets would hit $126-billion – about $81-billion higher than Ottawa’s working estimate of $45.8-billion.” -Steven Chase

Behind the Numbers: Why I’m Not Gloating About Canada’s Middle Class

“Dismissing the angst of Canada’s middle and working class while we watch America struggle strikes me as a perfect way to avoid having an important conversation in this country about very real pressure on the majority of Canadians.” -Trish Hennessy

CCPA: Secret Trade Negotiations Undermine Public Services: TISA Study

“The TISA would make it difficult or even impossible for future governments to restore public services, including those instances where private service delivery has failed.” -Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Toronto Star: Plant Milkweed and Save the Monarch Butterflies

“Milkweed is crucial to the monarchs’ survival, and the David Suzuki Foundation has launched its #GotMilkweed campaign this month to encourage people to cultivate the native plant, regarded as a weed, in yards, gardens and on balconies. It’s part of the group’s Homegrown National Park Project to create a native green corridor through Toronto, a sort of welcome mat for birds, bees and bugs.” -Nancy J. White

Canadians for Tax Fairness: Income Splitting — Huge Tax Cuts for Rich Families

“Why should parents who need the most financial assistance raising their children get small federal benefits like $9 or $74 or $104 per year – while those who need it the least will get an average of $1,008 or $1,091 or $1,914 per year, and as much as $6,600 per year? Why should parents who can already do virtually anything they want to help their children off to a good start need such generous help from the federal government?” -Kathleen A. Lahey


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