Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Opposition Continues

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David Suzuki Foundation: Pipeline Approval Flies in the Face of Democracy & Global Warming

“This project should never go ahead. And not just because no amount of money will undo damage from pipeline or tanker spills and accidents along the route, the B.C. coast or the ocean, or that it is opposed by First Nations and other affected communities and lacks social licence—although those are strong enough reasons to stop it. The main reasons it and other pipeline projects shouldn’t be built are the very same ones the government and joint review panel refused to consider.

Rapid tar sands expansion, increasing reliance on dirty fossil fuels and more infrastructure that ties us to them for decades contravene the need to protect the environment, human health, global climate systems and even economic resilience.


The government has irresponsibly weakened democracy in its willful blindness to the most pressing economic and environmental issue of our time. The spectre of climate change means all humanity has a stake in the future of coal and oil.” -David Suzuki & Ian Hanington

Ecojustice: We’re Going to Court Over Northern Gateway

“Any decision about Northern Gateway must be based on the best available science. That’s why the panel’s incomplete and flawed report cannot stand as the final word on whether Northern Gateway is in the national interest.

There is simply too much at stake. The battle over Northern Gateway has come to stand for more than just the fate of one pipeline project. It’s become the epicentre of the debate over Canada’s energy future.

And that’s why we’re taking this to court. This is one call Canada needs to get right.” -Karen Campbell

Take action!

David Suzuki Foundation: Let BC’s Federal Government MPs Know You Don’t Support Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline!

Amnesty International: Northern Gateway Approval Without First Nations Consent Violates Human Rights!

Sierra Club Canada: Ask Christy Clark to Reject the Past & Embrace the Future by Saying No to Northern Gateway!

SumOfUs: Tell Enbridge Not to Build the Pipeline Without 100% Consent!

David Suzuki Foundation: Canada’s Clean Energy Future Doesn’t Include the Northern Gateway Oil Sands Pipeline!


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