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SK Films: Flight of the Butterflies

“It’s a natural history epic. It’s a compelling detective story. It’s a scientific adventure at its best. It took Dr. Fred Urquhart almost 40 years to discover the monarch butterflies’ secret hideaway and prove the most incredible migration on Earth. Following the year-long annual migration cycle of the butterflies, the award-winning production team filmed hundreds of millions of monarchs in their remote overwintering sanctuaries in Mexico in 2011 and again in 2012 and also along their migratory routes from Canada, across the U.S. and into Mexico.”

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative: Permeable Fences—10 Steps to Making Your Own Wildlife-Friendly Fence

“Of course no fence is 100% permeable, but this innovation is the next best thing. It both keeps livestock in and gives wildlife the freedom they need to roam, while reducing the hazards and obstacles wildlife often encounter with standard fences.”

The Wildlife News: Montana’s Wolf “Conservation” Stamp a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

“Let’s see, we will help ranchers with non-lethal means of protecting livestock so we can allow hunters and trappers to blow away more wolves? That is essentially what they are suggesting. As long as MDFWP has a vindictive and unethical attitude towards predators, there is no reason to ‘save’ any of them—just so someone else can shoot them. Asking predator supporters to pay ranchers to adopt non-lethal means of protecting livestock is analogous to asking those who cherish clean air to pay for air pollution devices on coal fired power plants.

Ranchers have externalized the cost of their operations through predator control.

Ranchers should pay to protect their own herds—it is part of the cost of doing business—a cost that they have successfully avoided for a century because they were able to get the government to kill off most predators from the landscape. Just as the coal power plants must install pollution control devices or get out of business, ranchers must practice better animal husbandry. It is not the responsibility of wildlife supporters to subsidize their business.


Last year in Montana fewer than 60 cattle out of 2.5 million in the state were killed by wolves. If MDFWP were truly interested in educating the public it would be countering the myth that wolves are ‘destroying’ the livestock industry.”

-George Wuerthner

The Wildlife News: Wolf Stamp–We Are Not Beggars

“The biggest problem I have with the wolf stamp idea is that it will support the “management” of wolves. However, predators do not “need” management.


A surprising number of conservation groups support wolf management—even though the science is clear—predators self regulate primarily due to social interactions and prey abundance.”

-George Wuerthner

Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society: Disappointing Boundary for New Nááts’ihch’oh National Park in Nahanni Headwaters—Science & Public Opinion Ignored

“Legislation tabled in Parliament in May to establish a new national park reserve around the headwaters of the NWT’s South Nahanni River, ignores scientific evidence of what is needed to protect the area’s wildlife and water. The boundary of Nááts’ihch’oh [pronounced naah-tseen-CHO] National Park Reserve leaves out the most critical wildlife habitat areas, including caribou calving and breeding grounds, and major upstream tributaries of the South Nahanni River, which flow into Nahanni National Park downstream.”

Sierra Club Ontario: Save Niagara’s Green Lifeline

“Niagara’s eastern wilds are at risk of being severed in two and being degraded with genetic uniformity. While north of the Escarpment one sees magnificent vistas of vineyards, orchards and forests protected by Ontario’s Greenbelt, those below risk becoming a wall of cement. The views from the top of Brock Monument at the start of the Bruce Trail at Queenston are of industrial brutalism. They are of a massive abandoned quarry destined to be a housing development, an expressway and the barren rock piles which line the Adam Beck Two Reservoir. West of here subdivisions in Niagara Falls crawl up to the Escarpment’s edge. Some of these were approved in the dark ages of Premier Mike Harris, right over Ontario’s largest documented Indian burial grounds. Buried here are also streams, causing the springtime chorus of frogs to be forever stilled.”

-John Bacher


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