Involved Digest: Great Bear Sea, #PreventGenocide, Living Wage, Bee-Killer…

Take action!

David Suzuki Foundation: Protect Our Great Bear Sea!

US Campaign for Burma: #PreventGenocide!

Greenpeace: Protect Freedom of Speech & Expression in India!

IUF/UITA/IUL: Striking Swaziland Sugar Workers Need Your Support!

Clean Clothes Campaign: Pay Garment Workes a Living Wage!

Avaaz: Let’s Landlock the Tar Sands!

Sierra Club: Tell the FDA to Label GMO Foods Now!

Label GMOs: Become an Honorary Signer for the Oregon Right to Know GMO Labeling Initiative!

Friends of the Earth: Declare Your Independence from the Bee-Killer in Your Backyard!

David Suzuki Foundation: It’s Time to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides!

Open Media: Face-to-Face with Internet Censorship!

IUF/UITA/IUL: Tell Philippines’ Seafood Giant Citra Mina to Respect the Human Rights of Their Workers!

SumOfUs: Tell Costco to Stop Selling Deadly Dog Treats!

Amnesty International: Demand the Torturers of Mexico’s Claudia Medina Tamariz Be Brought to Justice!


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