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Involved Digest: Ethnic Cleansing, Rape Epidemic, Slave Trade, Land Grab…

Take action!

LabourStart: Put the Safety of Armoured Car Employees First!

Amnesty International: Stop Ethnic Cleansing in the Central African Republic!

Avaaz: Stop the Rape Epidemic!

SumOfUs: Tell Kellogg’s to Report on Human Rights Abuses with Its Workers!

LabourStart: Tell Korea No Return to Authoritarianism!

IUF/UITA/IUL: Tell British American Tobacco Chairman Burrows to Prevent Human Rights Abuses in US Tobacco Fields!

Friends of the Earth: Stop an Abusive Palm Oil Company from Grabbing Liberian Land!

International Labor Rights Forum: Tell Benetton It’s Time to #PayUp for #RanaPlaza!

LabourStart: 37 Union Members Sacked for Organizing in Turkey!

Amnesty International UK: Free Mahdi, Imprisoned for Defending Teachers’ Rights!

Avaaz: End Rape as a Weapon of War!

SumOfUs: Reinstate the Nike Nine!

LabourStart: Tell Turkey to Stop Union-Busting at M&T Reklam!

IUF/UITA/IUL: Government of Algeria Must Recognize Now Workers’ Right to Form Independent Trade Unions!

Coworker.org: Demand Adequate Training to Keep Bank of America Jobs & Customers Safe!

Global Exchange: Tell Gap to Do More Than Sell Clothes!

LabourStart: Tell the Philippines to Stop Union-Busting at NXP Semiconductors!

Amnesty International: Laísa Santos Sampaio & Family Face Death Threats for Protecting the Amazon!

Avaaz: Stop the Mass Execution in Egypt!

IUF/UITA/IUL: No Place for Human Rights at Sheraton Maldives Private Island Resort!

LabourStart: Tell Indonesia to Support Strikers at One of the World’s Largest Paper Mills!

International Labor Rights Forum: Bring Murderers of Banana Trade Unionists to Justice!

Amnesty International: Tell Nigeria to #BringBackOurGirls!

Avaaz: Stop the Sinai Slave Trade!

LabourStart: Tell Morocco to Stop Union-Busting at Total Call!

IUF/UITA/IUL: Support German Autogrill Workers in Fight for Basic Pay!

Amnesty International: Stop the Deliberate Starvation of Civilians in Syria!

LabourStart: Tell Peru & Argentina’s LATAM to Play Fair!