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Involved Digest: GMO Labels, Real Food, Agent Orange, #FairCancerCare

Take action!

Friends of the Earth: Say NO to Dow’s “Agent Orange” GMOs!

Center for Food Safety: Tell the USDA that “Coexistence” Isn’t GE Contamination Prevention!

Corporate Accountability International: Tell Congress to Demand the World Bank Stop Funding Global Water Privatizers & Keep Public Water in Public Hands!

Center for Biological Diversity: Tell McDonald’s Billions of Burgers Are Bad for Our Future!

SumOfUs: Tell Similac to Label GMOs in Its Baby Food!

NDP Canada: Call on the Federal Government to Implement a Pan-Canadian Food Strategy!

Center for Food Safety: Tell the FDA to Protect Public Health, Not Animal Factories!

Food Mythbusters: Pledge to Join Real Food Fridays!

#FairCancerCare: Call for OHIP to Cover Any Cancer Treatment Prescribed by Ontario’s Oncologists!

Friends of the Earth: Oppose Big Food’s DARK Act!

Environmental Action: Get Beyoncé to Tell Pepsi to Stop Blocking GMO Labels!

Center for Food Safety: Stop GE Crop Field Trials!

Just Label It: Tell the FDA We Have a Right to Know if GMOs Are in Our Food!

Corporate Accountability International: Tell McDonald’s to Stop Hurting Working Families!

SumOfUs: Ask Costco Not to Sell GMO Salmon!

Center for Food Safety: Stop Dow Chemical’s “Agent Orange” Crops!

Friends of the Earth: Tell Method & Ecover that “GMOs 2.0” Don’t Belong in “Natural” “Eco-Friendly” Soap!

Corporate Accountability International: Tell Leo Burnett to Drop PMI!