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Informed Digest: Mining Licence Revoked, Climate Change Denial & Inequality

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Grist: Conservatives Don’t Deny Climate Change Because They’re Ignorant, They Deny It Because of Who They Are

“Ask a polling question about climate change in one way, and you may cause conservatives to reassert their ideological identities, and reject the most important finding of climate science (that humans are causing global warming). But ask it in another way and, well, it may turn out that they know what the science says after all (even if they don’t personally believe it).


Political ideology interferes with our most basic reasoning abilities; even our math skills, it seems, go right out the window when political passions come into play.


At some point, we really do need to all agree that the globe is warming, so that we can then make very difficult choices on how to deal with that. To save our feverish planet, it is dubious that merely having conservatives know what scientists think—rather than accepting it themselves, taking the reality into their hearts and identities—will be enough.”

-Chris Mooney

Image via Grist (unknown source)

The Political Watermelon: Inequality & Global Warming

“The environmental degradation which is currently directing us towards Armageddon is caused by capitalism and inequality.


While any form of capitalism is intrinsically destructive to the environment, some forms are still more deleterious than others. One of these forms is Neoliberalism, which exacerbates inequality both on a national and global level.


Global inequality reduces the chance of action being taken against global warming as the Neoliberal system obdurately implanted upon poor countries by rich western ones—chiefly by the US, which installs dictators in any country which attempts to challenge its sphere of influence—prevents poverty being solved.”

The Hill Times: Natural Resources’ Sweeping Report Warns Feds of Increasing Climate Change, Urges Action

“The report describes a number of impacts expected to come with climate change, including threats to biodiversity, the spread of diseases like Lyme disease and health effects from air pollution, and more extreme heat and extreme rainfall, meaning more droughts, floods and wildfires. It also outlines impacts on industries, including a lack of predictability for farmers, shorter snow seasons for winter tourism, and shifting flow patterns for hydroelectricity.

It is an update to the department’s 2008 assessment and says adaptation has been occurring since then. However, barriers to action include ‘limited resources, limited motivation and issues related to governance.’


Opposition critics said the report should force the government to take on the issue of climate change, which it has mostly ignored, repeatedly stalling emissions reduction regulations for the oil and gas sector and using talk of carbon pricing as a political weapon.”

-Mark Burgess

Amazon Watch: Judge Revokes Mining License in Brazilian Amazon

“Long besieged communities along the ‘Big Bend’ of the Xingu River in Brazil’s Amazon can breathe easier after a groundbreaking judgment last week that revoked the license to drill from Canadian mining company Belo Sun. Citing Belo Sun’s failure to assess the impacts of its planned mega-mine on nearby indigenous communities, a federal judge rescinded the company’s environmental and provisional licenses, putting the brakes on yet another Amazon extractive industry tragedy.”

-Christian Poirier